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Bird Observation & Conservation Australia and Birds Australia merged to form a new organisation called BirdLife Australia on 1 January 2012. MELBOCA and the Melbourne Members of BA Vic Group came together to form BirdLife Melbourne, the Melbourne Branch of
BirdLife Australia

All BirdLife Australia Members who have a postal address in the following Melbourne postcodes are considered to be BirdLife Melbourne Members:  3000 to 3013, 3016, 3020 to 3023, 3031 to 3138, 3140 to 3198, 3202 to 3207, 3340, 3437, 3752 to 3764, 3800 to 3810, 3975 to 3977 & 8001 to 8399.

BirdLife Australia Members who have postal addresses outside these Postcodes may become BirdLife Melbourne Members by contacting us on melbourne@birdlife.org.au  BirdLife Australia Members who have postal addresses in these Postcodes who don’t want to be a BirdLife Melbourne Member should contact us on melbourne@birdlife.org.au  Note that the BirdLife Australia Branch Working Arrangements permit Members to belong to more than one Branch or not be a Member of any Branch.

Join BirdLife Melbourne by joining BirdLife Australia. Click here to find out more about how to join BirdLife Australia.  There is no additional membership fee for BirdLife Australia members to join BirdLife Melbourne.

BirdLife Melbourne Pages on the BirdLife Australia Website

For the following pages: Latest News, Activities, Projects & Initiatives, Publications, Conservation and Education, click here to visit the BirdLife Melbourne Pages on the BirdLife Australia Website.

BirdLife Melbourne's Blog

BirdLife Melbourne has launched a Blog to supplement its newsletter and keep members up-to-date with branch outings and other activities, as well as sharing birding-related news and reports from the field. Click here to view the Blog. The BirdLife Melbourne Blog now has a Conservation Page and a Noticeboard Page that can be accessed from the Blog.

BirdLife Melbourne Photography Group's Blog

The BirdLife Melbourne Photography Group has a new Blog. To see what they have been up to click here .


English names for species and taxonomic order used on this website for Outings No 1 to No 360 are in accordance with Christidis & Boles 2008.

English names for species and taxonomic order on this website, for Outings No 361 to No 571 are in accordance with the BirdLife Australia Working List of Australian Birds V1.1.

English names for species and taxonomic order on this website, for Outings No 572 onwards are in accordance with the BirdLife Australia Working List of Australian Birds V2.

Members' photographs on this website

All photos displayed on this website have been taken by BirdLife Melbourne Members.  We are gradually building up a library of photos to supplement the information on the website and assist with bird identification.  However, we ask all photographers who have good quality digital photos of any of bird species listed below, to please make them available for display on the BirdLife Melbourne Website.  Please contact Bill Ramsay, melbourne@birdlife.org.au if you would like to assist. If you have better photos of any of the existing photos linked to species we would also be grateful to receive them.

Photos are required for the following species, all of which have been seen on Recent BirdLife Melbourne/MELBOCA Outings: Fork-tailed Swift, Terek Sandpiper, Red-necked Phalarope, Grey-backed Storm-Petrel, Grey-faced Petrel, Blue Bonnet, White-winged Fairy-wren, Black Honeyeater, Striped Honeyeater, Orange Chat, Yellow-throated Miner, Purple-gaped Honeyeater, Chestnut-rumped Heathwren, Grey-crowned Babbler & Spotted Quail-thrush.

Thanks to our many contributors we only need another 15 species to have all 327 species seen on outings to date covered.

The BirdLife Melbourne Committee thanks the following photographers who have generously made photos available:

Damian Kelly Bill Ramsay Barbara Oehring 
Xenia Dennett  Sonja Ross Keith Hindley
Andrew McCutcheon Paul Hackett   Janet Hand
John Barkla   Jenny Rogers  Arthur Carew
Stephen Powell Anthea Fleming George Pergaminelis
John Stirling Ian Mayo Michael Seyfort
Rob Parker John Van Doorn Rodger Scott
Brian Johnston John Bosworth Peter Bennet
Margot Craddock Matt Campbell Tim Bawden
Alistair Robinson Clive Kaplan Emmy Silvius
Ian Donald Ian Wilson John Young
Kris Bernard Kevin Wilson Peter Menkhorst
Stephen Garth Surong Gunn Julie Sarna
Kim Wormold Margaret Bosworth Margaret Lacey
Phil Marley Robert Brinkman  

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