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Pacific Black Duck


BirdLife Melbourne and other BirdLife Australia Branches in the Melbourne area offer an extensive range of activities for BirdLife Australia Members.   Non-members are welcome but we ask you to consider joining BirdLife Australia if you plan to attend more than three activities.  To join BirdLife Australia click here. Many activities are free and no booking is required unless specifically stated below.  Courses/workshops, study meetings, camps and tours usually incur a fee and require booking. Where bookinga are required, unless stated otherwise, bookings should be made through BirdLife Australia National Office. 

Though BirdLife Australia has no formal health requirements for participants in BirdLife Australia outdoor activities, it is expected that participants will know their own physical limitations and not attempt to participate beyond these.  All outings require participants to have appropriate footwear and clothing for the weather conditions likely to be encountered and to carry water, sun screen and insect repellent as may be necessary.

All outdoor activities are cancelled on days of Total Fire Ban.

BirdLife Melbourne Activities




Following advice from BirdLife Australia National Office, all activiies are cancelled until further notice because of the increased risk of contracting Covid-19 with gatherings of people.

When there is a change to BirdLife Australia Policy this page will be updated.

For more details of BirdLife Melbourne Photography Group activities go to the Photography Group Page on this website.


Updated: 20-Mar-2020